Website Hosting with S3

June 10, 2019

Using AWS S3 and CloudFront for Static Website Hosting

The pieces to the puzzle are:

There are a ton of step by step guides 1, 2, 3 on line that walk you through the step by step, so there is no need to repeat that here.

Notes on setting up this blog site

When configuring the CloudFront distribution the first field to complete is the Origin Domain Name. This is an “interesting” field, in that you’re able to supply a value, but if you click into the field it will behave as a dropdown and allow you to select from a variety of sources. When you pick an S3 bucket from the dropdown list, while it will appear to work, you’ll lose the index.html default values on sub folders that S3 is providing. You must supply the endpoint name of your bucket which is available in the property window in S3 for the static web site hosting feature.

The only other issue was missing the adding of the www as an additional domain name in the certificate.

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Using Github Actions workflow

December 6, 2019